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Saturday, 4 May 2019

What Amazon Alexa knows about you and what you can do about it

Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, has been enjoying growth on steroids. The Amazon Echo is expected to capture 63.3 percent of smart speaker users in 2019, according to research firm eMarketer. In India too, the product is hugely popular.
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But what are the implications of being an Alexa customer? For starters, Alexa knows a lot about you because of all the things you ask it.

Amazon has long said that Alexa only starts recording when the command 'Alexa' is given. Of course, there have been multiple instances where Alexa gets activated accidentally and collects your audio.

Here is what you can do to ensure that Alexa cannot collect your audio.
You can delete your browsing history and turn off the collection of browsing data.

To do this:
First, go to your browsing history.
Then, click remove next to each item you'd like to remove. To remove all items, click remove all items.
According to Amazon, you can also turn off your browsing history in Your Browsing History. Here, click turn off browsing history. Your browser must be cookie-enabled for this to work properly. Clearing your browser cookies will re-enable your browsing history if you've turned it off.

If you'd like to re-enable your browsing history for your browser, return to this page and click turn on browsing history.

You also have the option of muting Alexa and deleting recordings. The Alexa-powered Echo devices have a microphone-off button that can be pressed to ensure no recording takes place. When the microphones are turned off, your device cannot record and stream audio to the cloud, according to Amazon.


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